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Principal's Corner

The Close of 2013-2014 School Year


We have come to the close of another school year. This year we have had many experiences, some good, some not-so-good.  However, our learning environment has manitained its standard of excellence.  Our students, faculty and staff have worked very hard and overcome many obstacles to get to this point.  Our goals for this year were to improve our grasp and understanding of the Common Core Curriculum and have our students make substantial growth in all academic areas. In spite of decreased funding, current and future budget concerns, possible reduction in staff, and operating in a facility in need of upgrading, we have managed to make great strides in the area of student achievement.

Thank you, parents, business partners, and community as a whole.  Plain View students, faculty and staff, appreciate all that you have done to support us as we work towards our common goal of educating the youth of this community and preparing them for adult life.    

Parents, as we move closer toward the final days of school, with K-2 Assessments, 3rd & 4th Grade End of Grade Exams, and 2nd Grade Writing Assessments, please remember the importance of your children getting to bed early, starting each day with a healthy breakfast at home or at school, and adequate study and relaxation time at the end of each day.  This will help children increase and maintain their ability to focus on their required tasks.

Thank you for your continued support for the students, faculty, and staff at Plain View.  It is much appreciated.